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I just watched this weeks ep. & this bit really resonated with me life. As Im listening to Chuck Im thinking ‘These words are what Id like from you”, a mature retraction to begin again. It touched me and at once reminded me of the logic of love. It’s all just echoes, init?

Superhero by Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd - Superhero

This song speaks for me, it’s comical really what we enduer. 

I secretly liked Swagger Jagger… it was intensely egocentric  & annoying. 

Oh Kelly Just Reading The Titles Feels So Relevant To Me Life

Don’t Be A Girl About It

I Forgive You

Dumb + Dumb = You

Get Away

Dark Side

What Doesn’t Kill You


Breaking Your Own Heart

Can’t Wait For Her New Album These Demos Have Me Stuck On Repeat


Nerve Growth Factor

No manejo a los que amo, como fichas de ajedrez.
I miss love, & sex, & intimacy,

& all that implies.